Selecting the right domain extension for your growing business can impact your brand’s online presence and credibility. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are ten popular domain extensions (also known as TLDs or top-level domains) that can be suitable for growing businesses:

Here is the list we collected based on the latest statics.

.com: The most recognized and widely used domain extension, suitable for all types of businesses. It’s often considered the standard for professional websites.

.net: Originally intended for network-related websites, it’s now commonly used by a variety of businesses.

.org: Initially intended for nonprofit organizations, it’s also used by businesses that want to emphasize their mission or purpose.

.io: Initially the country code for the British Indian Ocean Territory, it has gained popularity among tech startups and online services due to its association with “input/output.

.ai: Originally the country code for Anguilla, it’s now associated with artificial intelligence and tech companies.

.app: A TLD specifically for mobile apps, making it a great choice for businesses centered around applications.

.store: Ideal for e-commerce businesses, this TLD immediately communicates that your website is an online store.

.tech: Suitable for tech-related businesses, startups, and other technology-focused ventures.

.biz: Designed for businesses, this TLD can be a viable alternative if your desired .com domain is unavailable.

Please note that the popularity of domain extensions can change over time, and new TLDs may have emerged since my last update. When choosing a domain extension, consider factors such as the nature of your business, your target audience, and the availability of your desired domain name. It’s also a good idea to research the reputation and history of any new or less common TLDs to ensure they align with your brand image.

Mostly useable domains in the search results of Internet are .com, .net, .org, .co, .io and .tech.


Certainly, a “.com” domain is one of the most popular and widely recognized
domain extensions. It’s a great choice for businesses looking to establish a
strong online presence. Here are some reasons why a “.com” domain can be
beneficial for your growing business:

Credibility: “.com” domains are often seen as more credible and trustworthy
by users. They have been around since the early days of the internet and are
associated with established businesses.

Memorability: “.com” domains are easier for people to remember. When
users think of a website, they often default to “.com” extensions.

Professionalism: A “.com” domain projects professionalism and seriousness
about your business. It’s the go-to choice for many well-established

Global Reach: “.com” domains have a global presence and are recognized
internationally. This is important if your business has a global audience or
plans for expansion.

SEO Benefits: While search engines don’t necessarily rank “.com” domains
higher, users are more likely to click on a “.com” link in search results, which
can indirectly impact your website’s click-through rate.

Email Credibility: A “.com” domain for your email address (e.g.,
[email protected]) looks more professional and trustworthy than
some other domain extensions.

Resale Value: “.com” domains tend to hold their value well in the domain
resale market, which can be an advantage if your business ever decides to sell
the domain.

Type-in Traffic: Users who are unsure of your website’s URL might try the
“.com” version first. This can drive additional traffic to your site.

However, it’s important to note that finding a short and memorable “.com” domain name can be challenging due to the popularity of this extension. Many short and relevant names are already taken. If your desired “.com” domain name is unavailable, consider exploring creative variations, alternative spellings, or even combining words to create a unique and brandable domain.

Remember to research your chosen domain name to ensure it’s not trademarked by another entity and doesn’t have any negative connotations. Additionally, always register your domain through a reputable domain registrar to ensure you have full control and ownership of your online brand identity.

.net domain

A “.net” domain is another popular top-level domain (TLD) that stands for
“network.” While it’s not as widely used as “.com,” it still offers several
advantages for businesses and websites. Here are some considerations if
you’re thinking about using a “.net” domain for your growing business:

Network Focus: The “.net” extension was originally intended for
network-related websites, but it has evolved to be used by a variety of
businesses. If your business is technology or network-oriented, a “.net”
domain could be a good fit.

Availability: Compared to “.com,” “.net” domains might have better
availability for the specific name you’re interested in. This can be especially
useful if your desired “.com” domain is already taken.

Credibility: While not as commonly used as “.com,” “.net” domains are still
well-established and can lend credibility to your online presence.

Memorability: “.net” domains can still be memorable and easy to remember,
especially if your chosen domain name aligns well with the “.net” extension.

Tech and Innovation: Many tech-related businesses and startups use “.net”
domains to showcase their technological focus and innovation.

SEO: From an SEO perspective, the domain extension itself doesn’t have a
direct impact on search engine rankings. However, user behavior can
influence rankings indirectly, and if users find your “.net” domain
trustworthy, they’re more likely to engage with your content, which can
positively impact SEO.

Type-in Traffic: Some users may automatically type “.net” instead of “.com,”
so having a relevant and appealing “.net” domain could capture some of this
type-in traffic.

Domain Hacks: The “.net” extension can be creatively used as a domain
hack in certain cases, where the extension completes a word or phrase in
your domain name.

When considering a “.net” domain, it’s essential to choose a domain name
that is relevant to your business and easy to remember. Ensure the domain
name isn’t too similar to existing trademarks or brand names to avoid
potential legal issues. Additionally, research the history of the domain to
make sure it doesn’t have a negative reputation or a history of spam.

Ultimately, the choice between a “.com” and “.net” domain depends on your
business’s nature, goals, and the availability of the desired domain name.

Both extensions can be effective if chosen thoughtfully and used strategically
to build a strong online presence.


Ultimately, the choice between a “.io” and “.tech” domain depends on your business’s focus, goals, and the availability of your desired domain name. Both extensions can convey a strong technology orientation and attract audiences that are interested in the tech industry. Remember to select a domain name that’s memorable, easy to spell, and relevant to your business to make the most of your chosen extension.


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