SSL certificates safeguard and encrypt web server-browser connections. It keeps their data private and prevents hackers from intercepting it. The browser and web server establish an encrypted connection when users visit an SSL-secured website. This encryption protects data from eavesdroppers.

SSL certificates verify website owners’ identities. This authentication ensures that consumers connect to a legitimate website, not a scammer trying to steal their data. SSL certificates protect data during transmission. They prevent intermediaries from altering user-server data.

Browsers show a padlock icon or “HTTPS” in the address bar to identify a secure website with a valid SSL certificate. It boosts user confidence and website trust.


Types of SSL Certificates

Different types of SSL certificates include:

  • Domain Validation (DV) Certificate
  • Organization Validation (OV) Certificate
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificate
  • Wildcard Certificate
  • Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate


Domain Validation (DV) Certificate

This type of certificate verifies that the domain owner has control over the domain. It’s the least extensive form of validation and is often used for basic encryption.

Organization Validation (OV) Certificate

OV certificates verify domain and organization validity. They are trusted and suited for enterprises.

Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

The highest validation is EV certificates. They require extensive organization verification, turning the browser’s address bar green. Financial organizations and e-commerce sites use EV certificates.

Wildcard Certificate

A wildcard certificate covers a primary domain and its subdomains. A wildcard certificate for “” would cover “,” “,” etc.

Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate

One SAN certificate can secure several domains. It is helpful for multi-domain websites.

How SSL Certificate Works

How SSL Certificate Works

SSL certificates secure browser-web server communication through encryption, authentication, and trust. A step-by-step explanation of SSL certificates:

There is a process to complete a SSL certificate request. Our request has to complete different stages. The complete process is mentioned below.

SSL Request Process

  1. A user types into their browser.
  2. The browser requests a secure connection from the web server. The server returns its SSL certificate, public key, domain name, and other information.
  3. The browser examines the SSL certificate against a list of trusted CAs kept in the browser or operating system. Companies that provide and verify SSL certificates are CAs.
  4. The browser creates a random symmetric encryption key (session key) after certificate verification. It then encrypts this session key using the server’s SSL certificate public key and transmits it back to the server.
  5. The web server decrypts the browser session key using its secure private key.
  6. The browser and server now share a session key for encryption and decryption. This symmetrically encrypted session key speeds up data transfer.
  7. Any data sent between the browser and the server is now encrypted using the shared session key. This encryption prevents data interceptors from interpreting it.
  8. SSL ensures data integrity and encryption. They construct a hash (a unique string of characters produced from the data) and send it with the data. After receiving the data, the recipient calculates and compares the hash to the one sent. Matching means the data wasn’t altered during transmission.
  9. After the communication session, the user or server can stop it and discard the symmetric session key. This gives each session a unique key.

Let’s move to our main topic. Now, we will discuss top 5 SSL Certificates. I have collected a list for your that is described below.

  1. DigiCert
  2. Comodo (now Sectigo)
  3. GlobalSign
  4. Entrust


 DigiCert is a renowned provider of SSL certificates, identification and encryption solutions, and other online security services. She is known for its outstanding security, high-quality certifications, and customer assistance. DigiCert is a leading SSL certificate provider known for its reliability and safety.


  • DigiCert has a long history of offering trusted security solutions in the cybersecurity market.
  • DigiCert offers DV, OV, EV, Wildcard, and Multi-Domain SSL certificates. This range assures organizations of all sizes and needs can find a solution.
  • DigiCert rigorously validates Extended Validation (EV) certificates. The “green bar” in the browser boosts user trust.
  • SSL certificates from DigiCert can be purchased for multiple years, avoiding the need for regular renewals.
  • DigiCert’s automated management solutions simplify SSL certificate deployment across numerous domains and servers


  • DigiCert’s certificates are generally considered premium offerings, and they might be more expensive than some competitors, especially for extended validation certificates.
  • DigiCert’s interface is user-friendly, although SSL certificate and security settings beginners may need more sophisticated capabilities.
  • DigiCert is a known SSL certificate provider. However, other providers may offer equivalent services at different prices.
  • DigiCert does not offer Let’s Encrypt-free SSL certificates. Smaller websites with limited budgets may consider this.
  • As with any technology, the SSL sector changes quickly. DigiCert has maintained its reputation, but industry changes must be monitored.


Comodo (now Sectigo)

Established SSL certificate supplier Sectigo (previously Comodo CA) offers a variety of digital security solutions. They offer Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), Extended Validation (EV), Wildcard, and Multi-Domain SSL certificates.


  • Sectigo offers a wide range of SSL certificates to cater to security needs, from basic encryption to extended validation for increased user trust.
  • It is a reputable name in the SSL industry, and its certificates are widely recognized and trusted by browsers and operating systems.
  • Sectigo’s certificates use robust encryption algorithms to ensure data confidentiality during transmission.
  • It also provides SSL certificates at various price points, making them accessible for multiple budgets.
  • Sectigo offers wildcard certificates for securing a main domain and all its subdomains and multi-domain certificates for protecting multiple domains with a single certificate.


  • The validation process for some of Sectigo’s certificates, especially Extended Validation (EV), can be more time-consuming and complex than other certificates.
  • Some users have reported experiencing upselling tactics during purchasing, which can lead to confusion and potentially higher costs.
  • The SSL market is competitive, and while Sectigo is a reputable provider, other options offer similar features at different price points.
  • The user interface of Sectigo’s platform might be considered less intuitive by some users, particularly those new to SSL certificates.
  • Unlike other providers offering free SSL certificates (e.g., Let’s Encrypt), Sectigo’s certificates come with a cost.


GlobalSign is a well-known CA that offers SSL/TLS certificates and other digital security solutions. The privacy and integrity of data exchanged between web servers and users’ browsers are protected by GlobalSign SSL certificates.


  • GlobalSign is a trusted CA with a long history in digital security. Browsers and operating systems trust its certifications.
  • GlobalSign offers Domain Validation (DV), Organisation Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates for various needs. This range assures organizations of all sizes can find a solution.
  • This SSL certificates encrypt data during transmission, making it difficult for hostile actors to intercept or decrypt. Web browsers with GlobalSign SSL certificates display the padlock icon and “HTTPS” in the address bar. These signs reassure people about data security.
  • GlobalSign’s EV SSL certificates activate web browsers’ green address bars, giving consumers the maximum level of trust and assurance. This matters for financial and e-commerce sites.
  • GlobalSign offers Wildcard certificates to secure a main domain and all its subdomains with one certificate. Their Multi-Domain certificates encrypt several domains with one certificate, making complicated web infrastructures flexible.


  •  Premium GlobalSign SSL certificates may cost more than competitors, especially for extended validation certificates.
  • Extended Validation (EV) certificates from GlobalSign can take longer and be more complicated to validate.
  • GlobalSign is a trusted SSL certificate provider. However, other providers may offer identical services at different prices.
  • SSL certificate beginners may find GlobalSign’s certificate management interface confusing.
  • GlobalSign’s SSL certificates cost money, unlike Let’s Encrypt’s.


Now, we have a basic understand of what SSL is and how It effect our website? If you really want to secure your website then you should buy a powerful SSL Certificate. Please also note that good SSL certificate provides good SEO ranking.







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